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DrupalCamp Turku 2016

DrupalCamp is back in Turku, bigger than ever! Finnish Drupal User Group organizes Drupalcamp in Turku, on Friday 18th of March 2016. The camp will be held at SparkUp Turku, Tykistökatu 4 20520 Turku.

The camp will have a whole day of sessions and showcases showing of local Drupal expertise. And the next day there will be community sprints. More information about these in the Program section below.

The ticket prices are:

  • 20€ for normal ticket
  • 10€ for students with lunch
  • FREE ticket for students without lunch

The lunch will be served at Deli Pharma, Itäinen Pitkäkatu 4. The ticket price includes the whole day of program, lunch, and drinks throughout the event. Get your tickets below!

Turku will welcome all Drupalists from around the world to join us!









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Breakfast, fingerfood, coffee and other beverages will be served at the lobby. 


"The front-end moves faster than Drupal, whether Drupal likes it or not"

This reference from "The state of the Front-end" session at DrupalCon Amsterdam explains that we need different ways to retrieve content from a Drupal site for an easy integration with new front-end frameworks. This allows non-experienced front-end developers to start theming Drupal using the tools they are used to, providing at the same time multiple integrations with other platforms through APIs. Currently there is a debate about how to achieve this and what direction Drupal will take in the future. Join this discussion, share your thoughts and experiences with others, and help Drupal to go on the right track.


Headless Drupal 8

Ruben Teijeiro / Tieto

We all know, designers and developers don't always get along too well. But things don't have to be this way. In this presentation Eero provides the view point of a designer on how to better understand and communicate about design and development in a web project. It's about working together and understanding the compromises that sometimes needs to be done for the project to be successful.


Better communication between designers and developers

Eero Mäkelä / Vaadin Oy

The lunch will be served at Deli Pharma, Itäinen Pitkäkatu 4. 



A look into modern web application development stack where the tools aren't separated and limited to simple version control, build scripts and deployment workflows but work together in harmony to form the pipeline from change management to continous integration.

The session describes the benefits of taking the holistic approach of application development instead of separating it into different phases or departments. Session is intented for both developers and operations people as well as marketing and management people seeking to improve the speed and quality of application delivery.


Holistic development and operations environments

Janne Koponen / Wunderkraut

An overview of must-have modules to enhance your Drupal 7 experience. Many starting Drupalists don't know important modules that are not in the core, for example Views, Ctools, Pathauto, Token, Webform... A clean install of Drupal may confuse new users since many powerful tools of Drupal are not in the core at all, but must be separately installed as a module.


Drupal 7 - modules you can't do without

Sini Tanskanen / A1 Media

Tiera Oy is providing a hosting platform for multiple municipality websites. Drupal is the framework on top which the websites are build on. This is a fresh hosting solution started in 2015 and Affecto Finland has been building the hosting solutions with deep Drupal deployment integrated within.

In this case study I am going to show how Ansible is helping our developers to do the deployments and how Ansible is helping our sysops managing servers and their configurations


Ansible & Deployments

Antti Tuppurainen / Affecto Oyj


The official afterparty will be at Ravintola Kultainen Hirvi starting from 18.00. Pizzas and some drinks are sponsored, so be early!  


There will be a code sprint on Saturday 19.3. The location is Wunderkraut's Turku office, Aurakatu 14. The office is open around 11:00 to 19:00. The event is free for anyone and some food is provided for attendees.

From, "What is a code sprint?"

A code sprint is getting developers for a set amount of time – usually one to two days – and just writing code. That's it. You’re not teaching anything. Participants will learn from others as they go, but the focus is not on instruction. The goal is to create working software. Code sprints are also sometimes called hackathons or codeathons.


The ticket price includes the whole day of program, lunch, and drinks throughout the event. Get your tickets below!


DrupalCamp Turku 2016 will be held in Turku, on 18th of March 2016 starting at 10.00. The event location is at SparkUp Turku, Tykistökatu 4 20520 Turku.

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